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3D aerial mapping for the Construction Industry

Want a 3D map of that plot you’re working on? Need it for an Urban planning, Inspection, a VR application, to import into your CAD software or 3D printing it? No matter what you need your 3D model for, we can help you get it right. With our network of skilled drone pilots, we can cater to your needs whatever they are.

3D-MAP-iT is a company specialising in using drone technology, providing specific mapping data in the formats that you require. Whether it is a BIM scaled model or a visualisation you are after 3D-MAP-iT has the answer.

With the construction industry constantly evolving, cost-saving technology like drones can make work simpler and quicker, which can be the difference between projects going ahead or not.


Cornish Coastal Plot

Residential Project

Mountbatten Academy

School Visualisation

Thermal PV Modelling

16th Century Church

Archaeological Mapping


What can we offer?

  • 3D drone mapping services (scaled and unscaled)
  • 3D image processing
  • 360 Panoramic Photography
  • 360 Spherical Photography
  • Elevated Inspection/Marketing Still & Video

What do we need from you to start? The first step in generating a high-resolution 3D model is capturing images. There are several things we can do to achieve better quality in your 3D model. It’s good for us to know what the end goal is – is it visual quality, accuracy, does the model need to be geographically referenced etc. Is it going to be used in a 3D modelling software, on the web or in CAD.

What about Health & Safety? Firstly we check your site for surrounding hazards and gain permission from the land owner. All our pilots are CAA qualified and operate within their rules and guidelines.

Where can we use the drone? Almost anywhere! Most jobs are relatively straight forward and simple, more complex jobs may necessitate additional permissions. All our pilots are fully qualified, insured and operate within their CAA approved operations manual.

How much does it cost? Following our initial discussion with you to understand the purpose of the survey, we can define the details of the site and agree a specification of works. We will then provide you with our fee proposal that will include a project programme and the deliverables. “Drones have the ability to significantly reduce cost, effort and time by increasing flexibility. In the past, if a survey was planned for a particular day and then the weather was poor, rescheduling was a time-consuming and costly exercise, whereas with a drone a re-shoot is a very simple procedure”



The concept of 3D-MAP-iT came from a collaboration of its two founding Partners Alex Baker and Simon Whitelocke. Alex has a love affair with all things remote and has many years of experience as a qualified licensed drone pilot.

Simon’s background has been working as a Technical Consultant in the Building Industry for the last twenty years promoting innovative and sustainable technologies.

Alex has already established his drone credentials with many filming projects including Britain’s Got Talent, New Forest Marathon and promo’s as Princess Yachts and The Grand Hotel. He has been obsessed with the building and piloting remote vehicles since his early teenage years. Such is his passion that he has even taken helicopter lessons and started his PPL in a fixed wing. If he’s not flying RC planes, helicopters, multi-rotors, full size planes and helicopters you’ll find him jumping out of them! Yes, you read it right, when he finds time to relax, the crazy fool likes to jump out of aircraft, getting his kicks from skydiving.

Simon has been in the forefront of introducing new technology to the Building Industry throughout his career. He has always enjoyed advocating new concepts that turn into improvements in long established ways of doing things. Building Simulation is one of those technologies and is widely recognised as having already done much to improve the consistency of standards within the Building Industry. It has also changed, for the better, different ways to design and visualise a project. The industries adoption of BIM has greatly enhanced collaboration across the design, construction and operations teams.

With the arrival of BIM in the Building Industry, Simon and Alex made the connection between drone technology and algorithm programming which resulted in creating 3D-MAP-iT; a company specialising in providing specific mapping data in the format that the industry needs.

For the record, Simon does not get his kicks from jumping out of planes.


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